Claudia GRIEBL






First steps


1983    relocation from Dormagen to Cologne


1984-1989      Hairdresser Apprenticeship, Bike Messenger, Typist, Shop Assistant

1989-1990      Art school

1991-1993      Call agent


Beginning of an artistic life


1992 -1993     Start Music project with Loy Wesselburg, songwriter and singer Peppermint Projekt

1993                Musicproject with Micky Meuser, Musicproject TTaggg with Alexander Miesen till 2007

1995                Produced a Musicvideo Peppermint Silver Surfer Loy Production

1993-1995      Training as make-up artist 

1993-1994      Participation in performances of Otto Piene, artist, collaboration with Günther Thorn, artist

1995               Freelance make-up artist for photo and TV shooting

1996                Stunt woman in Bonn Action Team, RTL television show "Extra Magazine"

1997                6 Month career break due to a serious bike accident later this year

live performance with Otto Piene

1998-2004      Freelance makeup artist (for "Familienduell", "Harald Schmidt Show", E-plus, Ford, etc.)

2003                writing a mystery novel

2005                Concert booker

2006                Music project with Alexander Miesen

2006-2009      Market research


Dedicated to Photography


2010                - freelance photographic artist, photography for advertising agencies,  and online portals and in the leica magazine,gettyimages, vision libres (art magazine)

and other magazines


- Project "Begegnung mit der Linie"  (encounter with the line)

- Project "Der Mensch und die Linie" (man and the line) 

2011                Exhibition in Cologne Regional Court building, "Begegnung mit der Linie" (encounter with the line), (54 pictures ) : Exhibition sponsored by NRW government.

2012                Exhibition at "Tor 28", Cologne, "Und immer die Linie" (and always the line")

(20 pictures).

                         Koelschfuehrer-Kalender 2012  (Verlag C. Kleemann)

2013 01/13                 Exhibition in South Australia  Blue Ribbon Gallery (Kangeroo Island)

(cancelled because Illness) (15 Pictures)

2013  03/13                Groupexhibition in the Art Club Cologne (2 Pictures)

2013  04/13                Groupexhibition in the Art Club Cologne (2 Pictures)

2013  05/13                Groupexhibition in the Art Club Cologne  (2 Pictures)

2014 01/14                 Exhibition “Vivere “  Fabian Lenz in Briedel (15 Pictures) sponsort by Peter Mönnig-Foundation

2014 02/14                 Groupexhibition “Free-Art downloads” in the Michael Horbach Stiftung sponsort by Peter Mönnig-Foundation

2014 05/14                 According to the Committee rules of Peter Mönnig Foundation on innovation in architecture and social psychology in cultural areas and their theory I have in the period from 02 May to on May 04, attended a workshop on Creating a Sense of Place by Investigating Space in Tbilisi organized from Gallery Lichtblick (Cologne)  Listed in the short cuts Kolga 2014

2014  08/14                Exhibition “ AS ALWAYS ULTRA” in Gallery Seitenweise  Dormagen (16 Pictures)

2014  10/08                Groupexhibition  Petersbuger Art , Galerie Petersburger , Cologne

2015  04/16                Groupexhibition  Petersburger Art, Galerie Petersburger , Cologne

                                  16.04.2015 – 31.05.2015           

2015  05/15                Participition  Eyes on Mainstreet Wilson, NYC May 9-Sept. 7 2015


2015 10/15          Exhibition  Mülheim au grand Jour 

(29 Pictures in S/W) in the Bürgerhaus Mütze       

April 9 - July 10, 2016

Eyes on Main Street Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival                        


 2016  08/30          Exhibition Performance of Amy Kaps , Eremitage , Köln

 2016  09/15           Groupexhibition Petersburger Art , Petersburger , Room for Art Cologne

2016  12/04/03     Exhibition with S. Vereecken in Brussels

2017  05/17            Exhibition with Rolf Kuhlmann, die Bakchenmaschine,

                                 10.05.2017-21.05.2017 in der Eremitage Köln

2017 06.12 -          Exhibition with 32 Pictures Swimminggirl saves the colours

2018 11.01              Eremitage, Weidengasse

2018  12.04-17.05  Exhibition Petersburger/  Art ich 2 Pictures

2018   20.09-30.09  Exhibtion Petersburger Art/ Photoszene Köln / Wer kümmert sich eigentlich um die Realität





Photography for me is the time to stop, look at things carefully,

capture the uniqueness of each moment.

A love that almost borders on obsession, very intense and sustained.

My main subject is the line.



life = line

line = image

image = photo

photo = photographer

photographer = life

life = line

line = image

Image = photo

photo = photographer

photographer = life

life = line

line = image

image = photo

photo = photographer